My computer is not connected to the Internet. Can I activate Movavi program (Windows)?

This article is a copy of one of the pages of Movavi Video Suite's user guide.
You may visit it here. To the left there's also a number of paragraphs regarding most program features.

Be noted that activation process in other Movavi products may not look exactly the same, but is overall similar.
Activating without Internet access
To enjoy all the benefits of Movavi Video Suite, you will need to activate the software using the activation key. The program requires Internet access to verify the key. If you don't have Internet access on your computer, you can use any other computer or mobile device to complete the steps that require a connection.
You will need:
  •  Movavi Video Suite activation key. You should receive your key via e-mail right after your purchase is completed. Don't have a key? Buy now
  •  A device or another computer that can be used to send and receive e-mail.
Step 1: Open the activation window
  •  Open the Movavi Video Suite launcher and click the Activate button.
  •  Or launch any application in Movavi Video Suite, then open the Help menu and select Activate Software.
Step 2: Enter your activation key
1. Enter or paste your activation key into the corresponding field.
2. Select the Activate offline option.
3. Click Activate to proceed to the next step.
Step 3: Send an e-mail with the provided information
The next window contains important activation information that you will need to send us via e-mail in order to activate your program.
1. Click the Copy button to copy the information in the window. If necessary, save or transfer this information to the computer or device that you will be sending the e-mail from.
2. On the computer with an Internet connection, open your mail client and compose a new e-mail. Paste the information you've copied earlier into the message body and send this e-mail to The activation server will then verify your activation key and send you an automatic response containing a registration key, which you will need to enter into theActivation window. You should receive the server's reply within an hour.
Step 4: Enter your registration key
1. When you have received your registration key, return to the Activation window and enter it into the corresponding box.
2. Click Activate to submit the information.
If everything is correct, you will see a successful activation message. Click Finish to complete the activation and close the activation wizard.
Once activation is complete, you may be asked to restart the application. If you have entered the key correctly, you should see a message confirming successful activation. Click OK to complete the activation process and restart the program.
If offline activation doesn't work:
  •  Make sure you have entered the activation key and the registration key correctly and try again.
  •  Check that you are activating the right application.
  •  Make sure you have administrator rights on your computer.

If you have any questions or problems while activating your Movavi software, feel free to contact our support team and we'll help you out!
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