Audio noise removal

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Step 1: Select the audio clip that you want to edit. This can also be a built-in audio clip on the video track.

Step 2: Click the Audio Properties button on the toolbar to open the audio tools. There, scroll down in the audio tools and click Noise Removal.

Step 3: In the noise removal options, open the drop-down box and choose a noise removal method. Frequency filter allows you to remove humming or hissing noises, while noise gate removes sounds quieter than a specified level, like microphone noise.

Step 4: Remove noise using the selected method.

Frequency filter
Open the Noise type box and choose the kind of noise that you can hear on your audio.
Noise gate
This method works best on a relatively quiet background noise while the other sounds are loud and clear, such as white noise from the microphone when you record a voice-over. Use the Noise level slider to set the volume of the noise.


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