How to add callouts

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Using callouts, you can annotate your video with arrows, speech bubbles, icons, and other shapes.
Step 1: Open the Callouts tab
Click the Callouts button on the left sidebar to open the shape collection.
  • Click on a callout icon to see it in action.
  • Callouts are grouped into categories on the left. Use these to find the shapes you need.
  • If you're looking for a specific callout, type its name into the search box under the list of groups.
Step 2: Add callout clip
When you find a style you like, drag it onto the title track at the very top of the Timeline. Place the beginning of the clip where you want the callout to start appearing. Drag the edges of the callout clip to change its duration.
Note that the clip is linked to the corresponding clip on the main video track with a purple line. This means that the callout clip is synchronized with the video: when you move or cut the video clip, the callout clip will follow without losing sync.
Step 3: Edit the callout
Double-click the callout clip. An editing panel will appear in the player. If the callout consists of several elements, for example, text and a shape or two shapes, make sure to select the one you want to edit.
In the player, drag the callout to where you want it to appear on screen.
Clip properties
  • On the editing panel, set the animation speed for the element to change how fast it appears on screen.
  • To change the callout's duration, enter it into the Duration box or drag the edge of the callout clip on the Timeline.
Click the Color properties icon and choose the color and outline for the selected element.
  • If the callout has text, double-click on the text box and enter the new text.
  • Click the Text properties icon and choose the new font, size and style for the callout text.
When you're done, click Apply to accept the changes and exit editing mode.
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