Video and audio in resulting file are out of sync.

Please check your input video files before saving - play entire project in Editor and make sure that video and audio are synchronized.

If de-sync appear in Editor preview as well, please close other programs - de-sync can be a result of high system load.

If de-sync appear only in resulting video, then try the following: 

  • Launch Movavi Video Editor.
  • Select Preferences from Settings menu.
  • Disable Intel hardware acceleration and NVENC acceleration (if available) and click ok.

  • Relaunch the program and try saving your project again.

If you saved your project in the AVI or MP4 format, you can also try to save your project using a different video codec:

  • Click the Export button in the bottom right-hand corner of the Editor. The export settings window will open.


  • Click on the drop-down format choosing field and choose the same format you used, but with a different codec.

  •  Retry saving your project again. 


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