Program interface is too large or too small for my screen (DPI issues)

There are cases where unusual screen DPI causes program interface to scale incorrectly and similar issues.

Common symptoms are:

  • Program interface is too large visually, or doesn't fit into screen;
  • Program interface is too small;
  • Captured video does not correspond to selected capture area (Screen Capture only).

In order to fix the issue in Windows 7:

  1. Right-click the Desktop and select Screen Resolution;
  2. Select "Make text and other items larger or smaller";
  3. Select 100% scaling and click Apply;
  4. You will need to log off your PC to save changes.

Screenshot showing the process in Windows 7

In order to fix the issue in Windows 10:

  1. Right-click the Desktop and select Display Settings;
  2. Drag the slider to 100% and close the window.
  3. You may need to log off your PC to save some of the changes.

Screenshot showing the process in Windows 10

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